Why did you pick those rules to be standard?

Initially we chose rules that felt were the most common within each major variation. We're sure we got some of it wrong. That is why we prefer to think of this as a living standard. When it is feasible we'll be adding a voting system and allowing the standard to adapt as a true consensus is discovered. At the inception of this project an individual remarked that pinochle is currently a collection of tribes. It was their hope, and ours, that creating a living standard like this site will allow us to become a unified nation without losing the individuality and strength of the tribe.

I think my version of the rules should be the standard.

We appreciate your passion. Pinochle needs passionate players like yourself. Our goal isn't to say that we're right and you're wrong. Our goal is to discover and express the aggregate will of the community. In order to do that we had to pick something knowing full well that our decisions might be wrong. The upshot to all this is we're building a system that will let you choose the true living standard. As the site is developed and upgraded we will add the ability to vote for your favorite set of rules in each of the main variations. If your set of rules becomes the clear favorite then we'll update our living standard.

Why don't you support a specific clause I need for my rules?

First of all we're sorry you aren't able to customize the rules to your statisfaction. Send us a support message. We'll investigate the possibility of implementing the clause you desire. Unfortunately, the reality of limited budget and competing time pressures mean that we might not be able to implement your request immediately. In the interim please use the custom notes section to detail they clause you have in mind.

How can I use the rules I generate?

You can use a set of rules generated on this site for the enjoyment of pinochle. We hope this site becomes one small way that the joy of pinochle is heralded throughout the world.